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Sawasdee Village in Phuket


Sawasdee Village Pool area

Recently, I had the chance to tick off one item in my bucket list- visit THAILAND!!! We spent 3 days in Bangkok and 3 days in Phuket. I know it’s short but we had so much fun and I think it was just enough for that mini vacation while not being too attached and not wanting to go home anymore (still, we actually really wanted to stay there for good!) I’ll be sharing a brief outline of our itinerary on a different post but today, I’ll be highlighting the beautiful place we stayed at in Phuket- Sawasdee Village.

I personally made a checklist on where to stay at Phuket:

First, it has to fit our budget. We’ve searched a lot of resorts in Phuket and as much as we wanted to experience ‘living the life’, we weren’t willing to shed more than 100usd for a…

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Team Patricia

Doc Lorraine and Tisha Bautista are both smart beautiful women with courage, integrity and hearts of gold.

The Filipino’s Love Affair With Learning

Would Senator De Lima Have Asked PNoy What She Just Did Of Duterte?

Politikal Pinoy


Incarcerated Senator Leila de Lima has challenged President Rodrigo Duterteto sign a waiver of his immunity from lawsuit and prove in court that he had nothing to do with the alleged killings perpetrated by the supposed Davao Death Squad (DDS).

De Lima said Duterte should have no problem giving up his presidential immunity if he is confident of his innocence and that the accusations against him by self-confessed DDS members Edgar Matobato and Arthur Lascañas were untrue.

Under the Philippine Constitution, the president is immune from suit during his term of office.

But how can anyone take De Lima seriously when during her time as Justice Secretary, she never (and would have never) asked the same thing of her boss, President NoyNoy Aquino?

It would have been unsconsionable for De Lima to have asked Aquino to sign a waiver of his immunity from lawsuit to facet allegations ranging his…

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The Bypass Passes the Buck to the President

Fr. Joel E. Tabora, S.J. Blog

A bypass is not a knockout.  In the case of a human being, a bypass can save a beating heart.

In this case, the human being was Gina Lopez.  The bypass was saving her heart beating for the Philippine environment – and for the Filipino poor she is convinced the environment should serve.

The bypass in the Commission on Appointments showed that she is not a lawyer, nor a mining engineer.  It showed that she had never entered the technical world of the geodetic scholars from UP.  It showed that her heart does not beat to the rhythms of those who invest big in the stock market, and certainly not of those  foreigners who dazzle the economists with their billions, then exploit and devastate the Philippine environment.

The bypass in the Commission on Appointments allowed that heart to continue beating as it did before she was appointed to the DENR…

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My EDSA Homily


Moral Ascendancy?

Worth reading

Politikal Pinoy

IMG_9226.JPGWhen Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte chastised the Catholic Church, saying that it had no “moral ascendancy” to criticize him and his war on drugs, he wasn’t speaking in his usual manner of hyperbole. Rather, he was vocalizing what most Filipinos dare not to bring up or discuss in public, among other things — sexual abuse.

Whether or not one would believe Duterte’s claim that as a young man, he was molested by a Catholic priest, the issue of sexual abuse by men in religious vestments
is one that has been veiled in secrecy for many decades.

In a book titled, “Altar of Secrets,” writer Aries Rufo courageously reveals the sexual misconduct of individuals who are preachers of morality. Citing mostly anonymous sources, Rufo takes his readers through two decades of experience covering the Catholic Church as part of his beat. He claims that some “princes” of the Catholic Church have…

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My Boss, Judy

“That’s our president—a President of all—someone who reaches across political and ideological lines and says, “We are all Filipinos.”. And that’s my boss—champion of the oppressed. Together, they are a formidable force of good for the Filipino people.” – ASec Lorraine T. Badoy, M.D.

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